Prayer List

Wednesday, April 1

General & Ongoing Requests

  • Participation and Spiritual Growth by Discipleship & Doctrines Classes.
  • Building updates/expansion.
  • Meeting with Contractor Postponed.

Political Leadership

Our elected leaders need wisdom & discernment in this unsure situation.

  • President Trump
  • Governor Tim Walz

Pastor Boyd & Family

  • Ocular Migraines becoming more frequent. Awaiting appointment.
  • Wisdom & discernment in scheduling and canceling church services as well as upcoming special events and speakers.
  • Pastor’s Mom passed away Sunday Evening. She was saved. Please pray for her husband, Coonie (not saved). Please pray for Pastor’s siblings in Idaho as they make plans for memorial service.


Our Missionaries are dependent on the giving of God’s people. As churches cannot meet like they usually can, giving will suffer, and then subsequently will the missions support. Please be faithful to give and pray.

  • McKinley family (Ireland)
  • Devanbu family (India)
  • Nibbe family (Romania)
  • Ngonamai family (India)
  • Christian Law Association
  • Pinto family (Brazil) — Meetings through the end of April canceled.
  • Fasinro family (Nigeria)
  • Minnick family (California)

College Students

  • Ian Baack — Bethel University. Learning abroad (Guatemala) Feb-May. Effectiveness & Safety.
  • Matilda Cooke — Minnesota State (St. Cloud).
  • Jebeh Cooke — Minnesota State (Duluth).
  • Benjamin Holmes — West Coast Baptist College. Ben is planning on staying on campus through the end of the semester and participating in online learning.

Church Family

Cooke Family

  • The recent loss of their father (auto accident). Pray for children: Matilda, Jebah, Jay, Jemima.

Pastor Jensen

  • Prayer for health and ongoing transitions. Prayer for the family as they support him.

Donna Kaiser

  • Don Black (Dad) — breathing issues; salvation.
  • Health, protection, provision & direction for the family.

Donald Allen

  • Wants to be in church soon. Physical therapy progressing well.

Renee Allen

  • Irell (Aunt) — Kidney Failure. In hospice care, unsure of salvation.

Elaine Dunbar

  • Son in Law (Andrew) — Deployed to Iraq on the base that was recently attacked. Pray for continued safety.
  • Cheryl — Very high blood pressure.


  • Health (Leg, back).
  • Sister – grave health.

Cassie Edgerton

  • For family and friends’ salvation.

Pam Schaaf

  • To be a witness to folks in new apt. building.
  • Jay Fairbanks — Health and salvation.
  • Mateo (new grandson) at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul with a fever. Planning on 24–48 hr stay.

Eian & Chelsea Zellner

  • Professional musical opportunity.
  • Baby expected in July.
  • Trials concerning work situation and environment.

Bill & Debbie Ramsey

  • Friend’s Salvation
  • Hazel (Mother) — General welfare and health.
  • Debbie’s uncle, her mother’s brother & constant companion, just passed away unexpectedly. Uncertain if there is able to be a memorial/gathering service.
  • Hunter (Grandson) serving in the Navy; dealing with personal matters.
  • Jay (friend) recovering from a brain bleed. Salvation.

Claudia Jones

  • Temporary employment disruption. Moving physical location.

Isaac Jones  

  • Deshawn (coworker) Salvation, personal issues, physical safety.

Odie Alexander

  • Meniere’s disease

Larry & Mary Atkins

  • A family member is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.
  • Their nephew had a heart attack, 2 stents put in. Doing well.

Jay & Leah Jones

Both affected financially by the closure of the restaurant.

Leslie Jensen

Her mother may have been exposed to a virus at work.

Debbi Pierson

Daniell, Kimberly, and Shannon’s salvation.


To add to this prayer page, contact Pastor Boyd no later than 5 pm on Tuesdays.

651-425-8349 (text or voicemail) or